Confirmation Sponsors

The Role of Confirmation Sponsor 

The role of the Confirmation Sponsor involves much more than simply standing behind the Candidate as the bishop confirms. It is the beginning or the continuation of a lasting relationship of mentoring and guidance. The prayers and support of the Sponsor are an important part of preparation for Confirmation, and helps the Confirmation Candidate live his or her baptismal promises both before and after Confirmation. 


Additional Information about Sponsors 

A parent may not serve as a Sponsor for their child. 

It is true that this arrangement was allowed at one time, but it is currently not allowed within the Catholic Church. 

The gender of the person serving is not a deciding factor. The Sponsor may be a man or woman. A man may serve as a Sponsor for a girl, a woman may serve as a Sponsor for a boy, or the Candidate may choose a Sponsor of their own gender. 

One of a Candidate’s Godparents is an ideal choice. Choosing the same person as Sponsor for both Baptism and Confirmation helps emphasize the connection between the two sacraments.